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Frequently Asked Questions About
Lifelines By Torresen Marine

How long will it take to complete my replacement?
Each lifeline duplication is a customized to make sure it fits your boat accurately. Turn around time varies seasonally. This site is constantly updated with the latest turn around time. Time listed is the number of days between when we receive your original lifelines and when we ship the new set out to you.

Do I need to send my original lifelines to you?
It is possible to make you new lifelines without having your originals. However since every boat may have slight variations and post-manufacturer modifications our preference is always to obtain your original lifelines as a template for creating your new ones. We will not begin fabricating your new lifelines until we get your originals or until we have talked with you personally to be sure we have complete and accurate information from you. To avoid confusion we may ask for a fax or email with drawings and dimensions.

When and how do I pay?
When we receive your order we will contact you by phone to obtain your preferred credit card for payment. Once the project is complete we will charge your credit card and send new lifelines out to you.

Can you reuse parts from my original set of lifelines?
When you complete a request for new lifelines you will be asked if you want us to reuse salvageable price. Some parts for lifelines are not reusable. If you choose to reuse parts, we will inspect parts and use as many as possible in the rebuild of your rigging.

How do I ship you my original lifelines?
When you complete a request for new lifelines you will have the opportunity to print up a shipping label at the end of that process. Then just attach the label to a sturdy box and ship to us by any standard shipping method. We get daily shipments from UPS, FedEx, Airborne, United States Postal Service and other couriers.

Important notice about current lead times on lifeline orders: Current turnaround time on most rigging jobs is 4 days from the time we receive your original rigging for duplication. Turn around time varies by season and can vary by week. Always be sure to check back for the current turn around time on rigging orders.